Alcott Vest…Finished!

But although I have a lot of pictures to spruk I haven’t finished blocking it yet so I’ll hold that in reserve. But it’s done!

I’m really glad I decided to do this particular vest and even more pleased I bought the yarn suggested from Jamieson & Smith!

Jamieson & Smith Yarn

Considering I live in Australia this was no small thing! But it all came, no problems and I was so interested to see what this fabled wool was really like. Admittedly, after all the soft, soft yarn you can buy; this yarn was what you’d call “robust”. But not too bad and I thought I would just knit it, trusting that since countless generations of Shetlanders have managed to keep themselves warm and cosy, then surely one Australian, more used to merino than anything else, could manage to make a passable article of clothing too.

So I cast on in June of 2014.

Alcott Vest - Rib Band

The colours were lovely and the colour changes almost hypnotic. Because I wanted to savour this project I didn’t rush. I’d do some rows and then move on to something else, finish it, then a few more rows of the Alcott Vest and then something else. There was no urgency and I could read the instructions carefully instead of skimming over them like I usually do and relying on pictures instead!

And I might have continued on in this lazy, self-indulgent manner if one of my other character flaws hadn’t weighed in. Procrastination!

My eldest son is a mad Monty Python fan and I found a great pixilated poster with many characters from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. I turned it into a cross stitch pattern and decided I would complete it for his birthday (December 2015)

Monty Python Holy Grail Graph

…On fine gauge cloth…

…With 2 strands per stitch…

Monty Python Holy Grail 4 Characters

This seemed like such a good idea at first. But because of the smallness of the stitches I have to wear a headlamp to sew at night because I don’t have a daylight lamp for my table. So I’d sit at the table, looking like some demented coal miner, blinding everyone when they tried to talk to me because I’d look up and hit ’em with bright LED light right in the eyes!

So, with the (poor) excuse of sparing my eyes I put it aside after 5 characters and picked up the Alcott Vest instead.

Alcott Vest

It grew quite quickly when I concentrated on it alone and I steamed ahead until I got to the part where you cast on the steek stitches. I’ve never done steeks. I have heard a lot about them but never had an opportunity to experience it myself. Now that was all about to change!

Alcott Vest

I was interested as I continued the Fair Isle pattern and watched the shape of the vest change dramatically. The rows that look like rib stitch are the steeks.

Alcott Vest

They continued the rest of the way up the body of the vest until I bound off the shoulders, joining them as I did the three-needle bind off. Then came the preparation before cutting.

Alcott Vest

It didn’t even look like a top any more! Just a really weird shaped bag! I did a crocheted edge around the middle steek stitch so there was an easy-to-see ladder to cut between them. This was really exciting and worrying because I knew intellectually that it should work, but it seemed to go directly in the face of everything I’ve ever done with knitting. Cutting up the material like it was fabric!

Alcott vest - first cuts

Eeek! First cut!

But after that, it was surprisingly easy. And nothing unravelled! And soon, I had something laid out before me that looked more like a vest!

Alcott Vest

Awesome! Okay…and now, the actual knitting up!

That was slightly less fun only because it’s difficult picking up stitches of a certain number when there just seem to be threads going off anywhere! But with a helpful knitting app on my android called Knitting Pattern Database which has a brilliant calculator for increasing or decreasing stitches or rows, I did finally figure it out so I didn’t end up with floppy edges or too-tight ones.

Alcott Vest

See? Stitches picked up…

Alcott Vest

…And now here’s the new completed neck. Isn’t that neat??

Alcott Vest

The steek stitches become like the interfacing you would use on a top made in fabric. I can not adequately expressed how immensely pleased I am with this project! Although the vast quantity of photos probably gives it away.

Alcott VestAlcott VestAlcott Vest

If there was anything I wish I’d done differently, I kind of wish I’d done the body longer. I don’t usually wear anything at my waist. It only tends to make my hips look enormous! But I wasn’t sure if the wool would stretch to doing an extra pattern repeat I might have added so I decided instead to make it as instructed. Which is still good. This was pre-blocking and I’ve noticed since I washed it and stretched it onto the mannequin that it was increased in length a bit. So we’ll see how it goes!

But I have learnt about steeks, how they work, how stable they really are and how EASY they are! I’ve done a heap of stranded knitting and have developed a way of knitting with both hands that suits me. I’ve enjoyed this knit very, very much!

I’m so glad I was brave and decided to give it a go. Does anyone else do that from time to time? Challenge themselves in a technique they may not have tried in a craft they love?

Tell me, go on!



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A Bit of an Introduction

You know, because I haven’t been here at all, so these are the things I like.

  • I like spinning!

My Traveller WheelMe SpinningWoolgathering rainbowHandspun Woolgathering rainbow

I have two spinning wheels, an Ashford Traditional and an Ashford Traveller, both second hand but wonderful nonetheless. I love all the gorgeous kind of fibres you can get, the lovely colours. Oh! So much to like!

  • I like Knitting

Wool & Magazines Cabled Vest Baby Onesies2014-10-16 23.01.04

I am, without doubt, a compulsive knitter! I love collecting wool, yarn, all the stuff I hand spin, buying op shop jumpers and unravelling them for their yarn and I love collecting patterns and knitting magazines and knitting needles. I especially like knitting things in a fine gauge too, 4 ply and 5 ply. I don’t often do anything thicker than 8 ply. I have BOXES of completed projects because when you get right down to it I only have 1 head, 1 set of hands and feet and 1 body. One of these days I’m going to have to do something about that. If you want to have a look at the scary extent of my compulsion have a look on my Ravelry Projects!

  • I am by no means a Monogamous Crafter!

Crochet SquaresCross Stitch SamplersCross Stitch Pin CushionsFelt Coin Purses

These are a few examples of other crafts I indulge in. I can crochet (not very confidently, but I can’t read patterns yet), I cross stitch. Samplers, alphabets and small pincushions and biscornus as well as blackwork items too. And handsewing like the coin purses I made from felt. A pattern to me is often no more than a suggestion and I like changing things and doing them how I like them to be. And this is really only the tip of the iceberg! I haven’t included photos of my tatted lace, the scrapbooked family albums, the beaded jewellery, the wirework. About the only thing I haven’t managed is to teach myself is bobbin lace. But one day, I will conquer!

  • I like to read!

Mercy Thompson SeriesHarry Potter Series The Lord of the Rings SeriesDavid Eddings Series

These are a few of my favourite series but there are HEAPS more! Brother Cadfael Medieval Murder Mysteries, Twilight series, Jane Austens books, Anne of Green Gables series,…Oh! I could go on! So long as there is a bit of adventure and only a gentle romance I am a very happy reader. But the main character has to be alive at the end or at least have a happy ending! I’d love to be a writer but I struggle with the discipline required to get some momentum going. But one day, maybe…

This has turned into a long post so I’d better wrap it up. So these are my interests, the things that make me happy. So I hope it’s given everyone a bit of  a giggle!

Does anyone else have any funny crafty compulsions? or collecting manias?



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Sometimes…I forget know, easily distracted. To be honest I’d forgotten I even had this blog because I found blogger easier to use. But to leave a comment on another Bloggers site, I had to have a wordpress account. And I thought, “Hey! Wait a minute. I think I have one of those!”
I mean, it’s only been almost 5 years since I last put up a post.
So, here I am. Tentatively giving this another go. With all the craft I have and do, any exposure’s got to be good, right?
So, just as a final fanfare, here’s a little pinch purse I made today…because I was bored.


Perhaps I’ll return…

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I am never going to get used to these things!

It’s my birthday today. I haven’t got anything from my family (I did get their good wishes though which was nice.) So we are going out for tea tonight.


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