I keep losing track of the days of the week!

I didn’t realize it was Wednesday already!

Well, the cold of winter is well on its way here in the Wheat Belt. It’s quite warm during the day but BITTERLY cold at night. Or at least I feel like it’s bitterly cold! I don’t really like getting cold. I like it BEING cold. Just so long as I’m inside a warm house where I can enjoy the feeling of being cosy warm while outside the sky is grey and hopefully raining. Not so keen on actually being out in the cold weather.

And knitting does not warm my hands up at all…

In fact my hands actually get colder as I knit…but that’s not stopping me! I’m still grinding through all that combined cone yarn I balled up.

Totally Unique by Danielle Totally Unique by Danielle Totally Unique by Danielle Totally Unique by Danielle Totally Unique by Danielle

The last one is especially large since I used 10ply yarns on 4mm needles. I’m really liking the pile of beanies I’m getting together. I’ve still got about 2 balls of charcoal grey to go and maybe 1 more ball of the blue. Give or take.

I’m slowly progressing on the Monty Python Cross Stitch. But with cold fingers, it’s difficult manipulating the needle. But I’m onto the second character on the third line. So at least it’s still moving forward…slowly but surely.

Totally Unique by DanielleMy fingers are cold and I better get this done while I can. Now that I know what day of the week it is 🙂




About totallyunique17

Mother of 3 adults. Married for over 25 years to dear hubbie (love you, darl!) Been an insulin dependant diabetic since I was 14. A born-again believer of Jesus and a rabid crafter whose tried most things but especially loves Knitting, Tatted lace and Spinning. I desperately want to learn how to do bobbin lace. I will one day!!
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