Well, that was a good weekend!

We went back home to Albany for the Anzac Day holidays which was lovely. Hubbie rarely get’s public holidays off so it was doubly nice. And especially since My brother and his family were staying at my Mum and Dad’s place so I got to spend time with them too!

Something like that all coming together is a bit like all the planets lining up at once!

But we were down for Anzac Day. David and Kim went to the Dawn Service, very brave of them because they got in the Albany even later than us on Friday and were very tired! But we all went to the Anzac March down York Street to the Peace Park. It was really nice. So many people came and participated! I got a few pictures of the marchers waiting before they started. They’re not very good but you get the idea.

Anzac Day 2015

We remember those who went before…Lest we forget.

Another reason Hubbie came, more specifically, was to take his father on a helicopter ride out to Breaksea Island and back as part of his birthday present from Hubbie and his sister. Donna’s afraid of heights so she sent her husband, Paul as proxy. They all really enjoyed it greatly and I even got a picture of them flying over the Anzac March!

Anzac Day (9)

When I took this photo it seemed much closer!

Greg's helicopter

Here is as close as I could crop it and I STILL had to circle it to make sure it didn’t get lost in the clouds! My Hubbie, Brother-in-law and Father-in-law are in that little mechanised bubble! Go Guys!!!

So, because David, Kim and Mackenzie were down I stayed at my parents place and Greg stayed at his parents. It actually works out really well. Our two dogs were brought along to “visit Nana and Grandie” and they’re relatively big dogs. I enjoyed having a couple of days where I didn’t get jumped on in the middle of the night.

But I knit! I’m ALWAYS knitting! And I really want to knit up all this combined acrylic yarn I got off my op shop acquired cones. The pattern I’ve been using is so versatile! and forgiving! I finished a beanie before I left Kellerberrin and cast on a new one in the car as we drove down to Albany. I finished at Mum’s where my brother promptly snavelled it as “His”.  Then he teased Kim mercilessly about having one so I knit one for Kim.

Can you see where this is going?

Now, there was no way 5 year old Mackenzie was going to get left out but despite the fact that I can churn these things out in a day if I concentrate, there was no way I was going to finish it before David and co. left the day before us! So, after promising faithfully that I would knit it and post it to her, she graciously allowed me to do so. She is such a cutie!

So, over the Anzac weekend, these are the beanies I knit!

Combo Beanie - grey/green  Combo Beanies - 4mm bluewhite

Kim's Beanie  Combo Beanies - 4mm charcoalpurple

And Mackenzie’s, that I finished in the car on the way home. Using all the same yarns as are in Kim’s beanie, but in the reverse order. Variegated yarn…what a bugger for pooling! But she should like it.

Mackenzie's beanie

I’ve just got to post it now.

So, a really pleasant weekend was had by all. Even my Dad enjoyed himself and he finds the constant chatter and noise a little trying sometimes. The happy memories should sustain me for quite a while in dry, dusty Kellerberrin.

 David and me again

This is my little brother…

David and Mackenzie

..And this is him with his precious daughter, Mackenzie…

Crazy Eddy's 2

And this is the whole motley gene pool! Our parents, Ted and Margaret!

I miss you all more than I can say and love spending time with you all, where our quirks and craziness is accepted, embraced or at least used to make funny stories for the future! Look forward to seeing you all again, whenever that is.

I love you all!




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Mother of 3 adults. Married for over 25 years to dear hubbie (love you, darl!) Been an insulin dependant diabetic since I was 14. A born-again believer of Jesus and a rabid crafter whose tried most things but especially loves Knitting, Tatted lace and Spinning. I desperately want to learn how to do bobbin lace. I will one day!!
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2 Responses to Well, that was a good weekend!

  1. brie says:

    Great job, lovely photos of the family. I’m shocked you even got photos of Uncle David without his ever-present finger!

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