As the Seasons slowly change…

I am very thankful that the intense heat of summer is past and a more temperate climate is currently resting over the Wheat Belt as the temperature dips radically at night and warms up slowly through the day. Much more to my liking! The only thing that could improve it would be rain!

The farmers are starting to burn off last years chaff and trash out in the paddocks so at night it looks a bit like a herd of small dragons have started feeding flames across the dark fields. Pretty impressive looking, really!

Pre-seeding Burn off

I finally finished the three headed giant from my Monty Python and the Holy Grail cross stitch. It seemed to take such a long time but I guess I only have 6 hours of good light to do it in and I have to make a show of doing something in the house all day besides craft!

Monty Python three headed giant

So now I’ve started on the next character. There’s not much to show as yet but he does seem to have less colour combinations than the giant did so hopefully it wont take me three days to get him done!

Monty Python cross stitch

But besides the cross stitch I have been working my way through the combined cone-yarns I have balled up. A lot of greys, charcoal greys and creams, not that exciting a palette to choose from really. But I can play with other stash yarns I have on the garter stitch brim for a dash of colour. So far I’ve played with knitting them on a 3mm needle, a 3.75mm needle, a 4mm needle and a 4.5mm needle. You get different sizes depending on how thick the yarn or the needle is and when I tried knitting some of it on needles too small I ended up with a beanie you could probably use as a canoe. It was so stiff it could stand up by itself. That one I unravelled, lesson learned!

Trio of coneyarn combo beanies

I have quite a little collection growing now but I think I’ll stick to 3.75mm and 4mm needles. Either side of that they get too small or too big. Unless someone has seriously crazy hair!

Combo Yarn Beanies

I’ve used up all the chunky cream/grey yarn I had so now I’m moving on to the grey mixed stuff. I should be able to get at least two beanies out of that. This first one I knit on 4mm needles. I’ll do the next one on 3.75mm. See how two different sizes turn out!

Coneyarn Combo fifth beanie - 4mm

Makes a nice sort of marled appearance in the colouring, doesn’t it?

And last, but by no means least, I finally got a pic of the socks I’m slowly grinding away at. The pattern is Blackrose Socks by Suzi Anvin and it is quite easy. I’m doing both socks at once because I hate second sock syndrome and although it’s been a juggle from time to time, I think I am finally getting there. It is knit cuff down, so now that I’ve turned the heels I just have to keep knitting up all the side gusset stitches until I’m back to the original 30sts for the back of the foot and then just keep going until I want to start casting off for the toe. Simples!

Crimson Socks

This is the back of the heels. The socks have a lace insert on the front but it looks pretty unimpressive at the moment till I’ve finished them and blocked them to really let the lace pattern shine. Even so, the heels look quite striking in my funny dyed yarn. Almost like a criss-cross pattern. Very attractive!

So there you have it! If taken from a creative point of view, I have been amazingly productive! Three projects, all running concurrently. The artist triumphs!!

Mind you, the domestic side feels called upon to mention that there are still dishes in the sink waiting to be washed as they have been this last couple of hours and that there are literally hoards of tiny, grinding jobs that probably should be done if the house were to be looked after the way it probably should.

I freely confess, the artist doesn’t really care.

She just takes off her glasses. Then only the important things in her hands are clearly seen.

All is well in her creative universe!

(Lucky thing!)




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Mother of 3 adults. Married for over 25 years to dear hubbie (love you, darl!) Been an insulin dependant diabetic since I was 14. A born-again believer of Jesus and a rabid crafter whose tried most things but especially loves Knitting, Tatted lace and Spinning. I desperately want to learn how to do bobbin lace. I will one day!!
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